"Ich besuche das Gymnasium, weil ich eine gute Ausbildung machen möchte und ich finde es toll, dass man im HIF auch Schule und Sport sehr gut kombinieren kann."

Helena Guntern, Gymnasium (2016)

Grammar school

Optimum preparation for university

The grammar school provides a broad and basic general education. The grammar school guarantees access to university and to the Federal medical examinations with the school-leaving exams (Swiss baccalaureate). The curriculum promotes not only intelligence, motivation, and sensitivity to ethical and artistic interests but also physical abilities.


At the centre of our grammar school education – alongside imparting knowledge – you will find an age-appropriate, targeted development of working techniques and strategies for problem solving. In this, our particular focus is on independent working and project work in teams. With the acquisition of basic knowledge and skills as well as increased proficiency in the individual subjects, our students also learn working methods and orientation skills in the context of the academic information on offer. Working on their baccalaureate thesis gives our graduates the opportunity to focus on a subject of their own choosing over the course of a year. This also enables them to work in accordance with academic criteria.

The structure of the course

The structure of the curriculum in terms of basic, specialist and supplementary subjects enables us to encompass not only the general objective of the grammar school but also the individual preferences of our pupils. Our teachers employ modern teaching methods. Our students’ learning is facilitated by means of our learning platform, OLAT (Online Learning and Training). The pupils also have access to other information related to the subjects through the electronic textbook «WebUntis».


The basic subjects

The basic subjects form the mandatory learning platform. The children choose their specialist and supplementary subjects according to their abilities and interests. These are offered from years 4 or 5 of grammar school.


Languages: German, English, with a choice of Italian, French or Romansh as a second language

Mathematics and sciences: mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics

Humanities: history, geography, introduction to economy and law

Art: creative design, music


Specialist subjects

These subjects enable students to increase their specialised knowledge as a part of their education: «physics and applied mathematics» and «economy and law»


Supplementary subjects

The following supplementary subjects can be chosen: history, music, sport and information technology

The baccalaureate exam

The baccalaureate certificate entitles admission to the Federal technical universities, to the Federal medical examinations as well as the cantonal universities, and also guarantees entry to universities abroad. The cantonal baccalaureate with federal recognition is taken at the end of year 6 in the grammar school at the High Alpine Institute Ftan. Supervision of the baccalaureate exam is incumbent upon the Canton of Graubünden in accordance with the federal regulations on the recognition of baccalaureates.

Bilingual baccalaureate

The High Alpine Institute Ftan offers pupils from the region the opportunity to strengthen and deepen their education in Rhaeto-Romanic with the bilingual German-Romansh baccalaureate, without their proficiency in the German language fading into the background. The bilingual baccalaureate is a prerequisite for dual language teaching

Entry requirements

Entry into the grammar school is by means of a written entrance exam. From year 6 of primary school: in the self-declared first language German, Romansh or Italian, and mathematics; from years 2 or 3 of secondary school in the self-declared first language German, Romansh or Italian, in English and arithmetic/algebra/geometry.


Further information to the entrance examination can also be found at the webpage for the Office of Higher Education, Graubünden, Acceptance to cantonal middle schools (Amt für Höhere Bildung des Kantons Graubünden, Aufnahme an Bündner Mittelschulen).

Preparatory course

Our preparatory course «Chance» is designed for primary school children in year 6 and children in years 2 or 3 at secondary school, who want to attend a grammar school, a commercial school or an upper-secondary specialised school and therefore want to specifically prepare themselves for the cantonal entrance exams.

Our boarding school

The High Alpine Institute Ftan is known far and wide for its family feeling. The staff in the boarding school are always available for help and advice. They support pupils during school hours and organise extensive leisure activities. Comfortable bedrooms and numerous communal areas are provided for the students.


At the weekend your child is also supported with a wide variety of special activities. These activities are some-times organised individually by our pupils according to their own needs.

Our sports class

The Institute is the official training facility for the regional competitive sports promoter and one of the most successful sports schools in Switzerland. Talented young people are offered the opportunity by our sports class to combine education and competitive sport without increasing the amount of time spent in education.


Our trainers offer every athlete an as optimal as possible training environment: in competitive teams in which sporting ability is intensively and individually promoted, or in recreational sport groups in which the less ambitious can equally benefit from professional training.

Tuition and fees

In addition to cost of basic tuition, your selection from our array of further services, such as the sport class or boarding, determine the definitive total cost of tuition for your child.


We offer in our sport class intensive, individualized and ability-appropriate competitive-training, conceptualized for talented young athletes. Alternately, in our fun sport group, we also provide athletically-oriented adolescents the opportunity to learn about fitness, weight training and training for a specific athletic discipline.


For pupils who reside in the National Park Region, we have special rates to offer, provided that they are members of the regional ski-sport booster club (Skisport Förderverein RNP).


We will be happy to present you with a detailed tuition quotation in a personal consultation.


Personal consultation

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our array of educational services, daily life at the school or our boardinghouse.


Patrizia Peer, Head of Admissions, looks forward to getting to know you and is happy to provide thorough answers to any questions you have.


We are also naturally more than happy to provide a guided tour of our beautiful and historic school facilities, or arrange for a trial visitation in one of our classes.


Tel. +41 81 861 22 82 or beratung@hif.ch

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