«I chose secondary school at HIF because I’m an enthusiastic ice hockey player and here I can easily combine learning and training.»

Florian Haller, secondary school (2016)

The secondary school

A good basis for different perspectives

Students attend the secondary school for three years here and build an important academic basis for their further education or employment. Independent thought, linguistic skills and creativity as well as motivation and personal responsibility are encouraged. Here the students work towards secondary school qualifications and starting a career in teaching, or perfectly preparing themselves for the entrance exams to the grammar school, commercial school or upper- secondary specialised school.


The teaching is in line with regular secondary school teaching but in addition to this offers more support, targeted preparation for entrance exams and enables work experience placements in the students’ chosen professions. In years 2 and 3, career guidance plays an important part; pupils are also taught information technology and communication skills. Thanks to the parallels with regular secondary schools, the students also enjoy a wide range of activities, sport and music as well as other optional subjects.

Entry requirements

The entry requirements are similar to those of their original school. For students from abroad, the decision is made by means of a detailed admission interview.

Our boarding school

The HIF is known far and wide for its family feeling. The staff in the boarding school are always available for help and advice. They support pupils during school hours and organise extensive leisure activities. Comfortable bedrooms and numerous communal areas are provided for the students.


At the weekend your child is also supported with a wide variety of special activities. These activities are sometimes organised individually by our pupils according to their own needs.

Our sports class

The Institute is the official training facility for the regional competitive sports promoter and one of the most successful sports schools in Switzerland. Talented young people are offered the opportunity by our sports class to combine education and competitive sport without increasing the amount of time spent in education.


Our trainers offer every athlete an as optimal as possible training environment: in competitive teams in which sporting ability is intensively and individually promoted, or in recreational sport groups in which the less ambitious can equally benefit from professional training.

Tuition and fees

In addition to cost of basic tuition, your selection from our array of further services, such as the sport class or boarding, determine the definitive total cost of tuition for your child.


We offer in our sport class intensive, individualized and ability-appropriate competitive-training, conceptualized for talented young athletes. Alternately, in our fun sport group, we also provide athletically-oriented adolescents the opportunity to learn about fitness, weight training and training for a specific athletic discipline.


For pupils who reside in the National Park Region, we have special rates to offer, provided that they are members of the regional ski-sport booster club (Skisport Förderverein RNP).


We will be happy to present you with a detailed tuition quotation in a personal consultation.

Personal consultation

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our array of educational services, daily life at the school or our boardinghouse.


Patrizia Peer, Head of Admissions, looks forward to getting to know you and is happy to provide thorough answers to any questions you have.


We are also naturally more than happy to provide a guided tour of our beautiful and historic school facilities, or arrange for a trial visitation in one of our classes.


Tel. +41 81 861 22 82 or beratung@hif.ch

Contact person

Günter Boos
Vice director / Head of secondary school
+41 81 861 22 04

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