Ice Hockey

HIF’s athletic department and the local ice hockey club based in Scuol (Club da Hockey Engiadina – CdHE) have engaged in a close collaboration to offer young athletes optimal training facilities and support allowing them to combine their passion for ice hockey and school.


Athletes choose one of HIF’s educational programs, are members of the athletic department and can participate in CdHE’s competitions in respect to their age group.


Female athletes have the possibility to train with the ladies’ team Chicas. With the latter they can participate in competitions organised by the Swiss Women’s Ice Hockey League (SWHL). An accreditation of the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation is necessary in order to participate on the competitive level.


Similar to the previously mentioned athletic disciplines, weight, fitness, endurance and coordination training of ice hockey players and students take place on the school’s premises.


Mag. Oldrich Jindra, official and full-time coach of CdHE is in charge of all training unities on ice, covering any kind of ice hockey specific skills. Mr Jindra has joined CdHE with international coaching expertise from Switzerland and Austria and is furthermore employed by the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation as well as the Ice Hockey Association of the Grisons (GRHOCKEY). Training on ice takes place on the ice rink Gurlaina in Scuol. Thanks to synthetic ice production, the Gurlaina ice rink can produce ice as soon as July and thus provides optimal training possibilities even during the summer months.


A weight room, Ochser pro shop, changing rooms and a restaurant round up Gurlaina’s offerings.

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